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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've been knitting socks again!

The top pair is for me, using Opal. Nice and colourful!

The other pair is for George, using something that I think might have been called Hot Socks but was put out by Lincraft, so not the same as another Hot Socks brand I have used in the past. It was the usual wool/nylon sock blend and was quite nice to knit with, and felt soft. George likes them, which is the main thing.

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Karen said...

As I was scrolling down, I was thinking the top socks were a bit lairy, even for George!! Glad they're yours. I haven't done any socks for ages - Ken reckons he has enough for the time being. How's the course going??????

freebird said...

Aren't these stripe in the yarn socks fun? They are my favorite knitting project. I just ordered some yarn (on clearance) from the It's made from banana fibers. My son likes the organic, ecological stuff so I will be making his Christmas slipper socks with it. Aren't you lucky to have a man willing to wear daring, fun socks.