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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gum Leaves

We aren't doing as much stitch work this semester as last semester, but this is one piece I did a few weeks ago. We had to do something illustrating over-and-under techniques. I had a huge amount of fun doing this!

It is not necessarily botanically or zoologically correct - I don't think this sort of eucalypt has that sort of leaf gall, and i don't know if a spider that looks like that one spins webs and hangs around in trees like this, but I confess I was aiming for effect and not accuracy!

I am currently working on a series of three Pear pieces, which will form my P is for... in a week or so. One pear piece has turned into such an undertaking that it is actually going to become my folder cover for the semester rather than one of these three pieces - of which two are done and the other one is still being mulled over. Posted by Picasa

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