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Monday, July 24, 2006

O is for On The Steps of the GPO

This is our standard family meeting place in the city centre. It;s where George and i used to meet up, many years ago, and I think the meeting place he used wit his family when he was a child. We call it, 'by the flower seller at the GPO'. That's because there was once (for many years) a flower seller in the little alcove to the right of the picture. He hasn't been there for some years now. In fact, it isn't even the GPO (General Post Office) any more. It's a boutique shopping mall - I haven't ever been in it though it is supposed to be lovely and VERY up market.

This picture was taken 18 months ago when we went in to see the Myer Christmas windows, another Melbourne tradition.

Years ago there was a bagpipe player who would busk up and down the Bourke Street Mall, in which this is situated - the only tune he knew was 'Scotland the Brave'. I alsways associate that tune with this place too! Posted by Picasa

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