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Monday, April 24, 2006

Use What You Have Month

I haven't written so far about my Use What You Have Month. I have managed not to buy any craft materials except for a few bits I needed for my course (and for this Friday I genuinely don't need to buy anything new! I really will be using What I Have). However I haven't managed to stop buying magazines, naughty me. I did also buy one book - I really wasn't going to buy any craft books this month but this one on art quilts was exaclt what I had been looking for to help with my two major assignments due at the end of semester :)

I have made a number of things Using What I Have. For my April colourswap I sent off some sock yarn from my stash, plus I made something out of yarn and beads also from my stash (she hasn't got them yet so I won't post any more details just yet). I made myself a pair of orange (and pink) socks from yarn I had dyed at the start of the year; and I am halfway through another pair of socks also from yarn dyed then. I have knitted my mum a scarf out of (shock horror) eyelash yarn (for Mothers' Day) and I;m knitting myself a short keyhold scarf out of the same stuff for myself, all from the stash. And I think I will knit my mum a short keyhole scarf in another eyelash yarn from the stash, and use the rest of it for a long scarf for myself. I don't like novelty yarns a whole lot but this is really soft, long eyelash yarn that actually feels rather nice against the neck. Photos eventually. So pretty much all month has been spent using stuff from the stash, which I am pleased with.

I have also gone on a longer term Yarn Diet. See that ticker at the top of the blog? I'm in a challenge being run by Rebekah of Knit Knack blog (see my sidebar) which is a yarn diet with a difference. (Or you could call it a cop-out if you were feeling sarcastic!) We try not to buy any yarn for three months EXCEPT we have one free day per month (which can be cumulative). All participants donate some yarn, enough to make a scarf or pair of socks, and at the end of the three months the winner (or winners) get a share of the pot, so to speak. So far I have really not bought any yarn at all and I am so proud of myself! I even passed up the quite good and very cheap printed sock yarn I saw in Lincraft last week. I am expecting a big haul of sock yarn from Sockmonster (see sidebar) soon, but I ordered that halfway through March so I think I get let off that - anyway, I still have my free day for April. I had also signed up for a sock club but I;lm happy for that to be my yarn buying day each month over the next three months, anyway.


Rebekah said...

Sounds like your doing well, I'm looking forward to Mid=May when I plan to use my May free day, I have some things I want to Order.

Have a great week.

Taphophile said...

Ah, you're a strong woman, Judy, as well as a creative one. Well done on the UWYHM. The other challenge sounds interesting as well. I remain concerned about the amount of eyelash yarn in your stash, however! ;)

Amanda said...

I need to go on the same diet! I learned to knit last June, am about to finish my first "non scarf" project and have another 3 on needles.

I have bought yarn for about 20 different projects that I may or may never actually start. My yarn stash is in my childhood toybox, which is 4ft long, 2ft high and 2ft deep. There must be over 150 balls in there. Easily.

I think I need help :P

Baby Bear said...

Fine then Mum, I'll post a comment here
:P :D!
♥love you tons♥
See you around 4:30
from you're lovely daughter...
PS. Please help me think of a meaning for my sentence"michi chi koo lahr"

Baby Bear said...

Mum, are you going to make a post about your chaotic life and your terrible cold and what about your letter!
Baby Bear