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Monday, June 27, 2005


OK, I haven't blogged for so long that I would be in mortal trouble if this was a confession box.

The last three months I have had my head down preparing the inaugural patterns for Sheepeasy Designs. Yes, I've decided to launch my own little pattern company (can it be a company when it's just me and nothing legal?) and have been knitting my fingers to the bone. everything got done in time to be launched at the Mt Waverley Knitfest a couple of weeks ago. During the Knitfest I taught two scrumbling workshops and was one of three 'designers' (well, that's what it said on the program, so we must be designers!) who took a wrap designing workshop. Plus there was a fashion parade for which I allowed myself to look stupid - see photos below!!!

Much knitting was done on the World's Longest Scarf. Personally I would rather commit hari kari than sit down and knit a metre of wide garter stitch. but it is a worthy cause. There were other workshops, including Non Traditional Knitting and Slipper Knitting, which I couldn't attend, and lots of people in and out. Much fun stuff for sale, though sales were slow this year - the weather only just turning cold as Knitfest started. We've had a weird winter, very mild for a long time, though colder now. (Although I hated the long grey months in England I didn't mind the cold - I feel the heat and it is rarely cold enough to wear the things I like knitting here!!)

After that all finished last Thursday I was left feeling severely anticlimactic. Of course Wombat was sick YET AGAIN so I got to feel anticlimactic in the company of someone small and cute who wanted to talk about the Simpsons 24/7. Good thing I like the Simpsons. When he talks about YugiHo I want to fling myself off a cliff.

So far I have designed a poncho pattern with suggestions for embellishments, and a shrug pattern that comes either as a properly written pattern in three sizes, or a measure yourself and take your gauge and make it fit whoever you are. Knitting them was only half the job, I discovered. (Though that took long enough - knitting ponchos takes longer than I thought!!) Transforming scribbled notes on the backs of envelopes into presentable patterns was fun.

Then the photos. First of all we took everything down to Moe to take photos in the gardens there. But George forgot the camera, and it poured with rain all weekend - which they needed badly. So I took some snaps in the back garden. Then George appointed himself as the David Bailey of the outfit, and spent all afternoon taking arty shots of Baby Bear in the bushes. I have to say that his photos are gorgeous and well worth it - even if I was still picking vegetable matter out of the pink poncho while it hung on display in the gallery!! (It went unnoticed on the Noro poncho - colours to die for but I wonder that it is allowed in the country, what with Australia's strict quarantine laws and the amount of plant matter in it!!!)

The patterns are now being sold on a rudimentry web site (the cheapest possible for the moment, until we see how things go) and on Ebay as well. We shall see. The next couple are also in the pipeline - a scrumbled hat that is already made but not written up, and a multicoloured drapey vest thingy that I haven't started, though I have had fun gathering purple yarns for it!!! I decided to treat myself to some Addi Turbos for it, which I had to mail order as I was stuck at home with Wombat.

Now it's the school holidays. Baby Bear has gone down to Moe to stay with Nana for a couple of days - something that both of them seem to enjoy. I sent her with several skeins of yummy yarn to wind for me - I decided not to buy a wool winder and swift as I could use the one down there whenever I wanted, but also decided not to bring them to Melbourne as I was offered because M, my sister-in-law, also uses it.

Wombat is 'camping' with his friend L over the back fence. That involves a sleeping bag, a bowl of popcorn, some peanut butter sandwiches and some chocolate. I hope they are not scaring the chickens too much!!

It is Baby Bear's birthday on Friday and I am going to take advantage of her being away to finish off this which I am knitting for her (the one on the cover). It is looking gorgeous! Plus a Vegan Fox is hopefully going to be rushed to life before Friday. (In pale pinks).

And no, Karen, I haven't so far knitted a viola case, but you never know ...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Knit Fest and the pattern launch. I totally agree with you about the metres of wide garter stitch. I know it's for a good cause. But I still can't bring myself to do it.
Enjoy the school holidays - look forward to seeing you at SnB in a couple of weeks time.

Rachael said...

Hey I'm from Moe! Do we know each other?